Changing lives through sustainable economic development- Not charity and hand-outs but through provable simple economic steps that would have a permanent and lasting effect. We are here to facilitate ‘teaching the world to fish and not to give a fish’

We believe that sustainable economic development is powerful and achievable in both developed and developing countries.
This foundation seeks to:

  • Make the public aware of malaria, micro finance and micro insurance and motivate them to make use of these tools available to improve the lives of people, families, villages, and cities.
  • Motivate financial firms, private and public equity firms, investment corporations, faith based organizations and businesses of the options open to them to make the world a better place.
  • Move the above entities and persons from knowing to doing their part. Helping them to make thoughtful decisions on impacting the world.

Malaria - Infects over 500 million annually and wreaks economic havoc upon the lives of people. It is a major block to economic sustainability to villages, communities and cities.

Micro finance - Is the answer to poverty stricken persons who would like to fend for themselves but have no access to credit and small loans to get started. Millions have been helped by micro finance over the years. A movement from non-profit based to profit based is making major advancements.

Micro insurance - Is closely related to micro finance and is one of the newest forms of sustainable economic development for the poor. If you are excited about the newest and boldest forms of poverty relief, this foundation would give you some basis insights into what you can do. Micro insurance not only provides a platform for sustainable growth and advancement for the developing world, but it gives investment companies reinsurance that their investment is safe.


There is a new day that has dawned upon us. Those who would like to improve the world do not stand by and look on, but instead pledge to make a difference so that lives are improved through a reduction of disease and global poverty.

Here are the facts: Click to see Video on POVERTY and its Solutions

  • Hunger is one of the most extreme forms of poverty and kills a child every 5 seconds.
  • Poverty affects close to 3 billion people on this planet.
  • Access to credit opens possibilities for the poor.
  • Insuring the poor allows for a continuation of opportunities.





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